Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 67 - lunch

About to get tea mid-morning was surprised to find computer went off in front of me.  Investigated for several minutes as to possible reason and not a single thing seemed wrong.  Quite frantic by this as had promised work to boss today went about ringing IT to see about possible problems.

Call eventually answered and explained computer had gone off.  Went through several diagnostics with IT person at which had to explain was actually not a complete idiot, had checked computer switch was on.  IT person baffled by this eventually happened upon a suggestion.  Asked me to turn on desk lamp.  Did this only to find desk lamp quite unlit also.  Awfully embarrassed by this thanked him for his time.

Going downstairs to investigate heard Mrs Payne in kitchen clearly in state of concern.  Entered to find Mrs Payne frozen in middle of kitchen, coffee maker now plugged in and large black patch down wall.  Explanation soon came as,
"Sorry Robert!  I thought I'd make you coffee!".

Managed only "Mrs Payne!" as went to check on fuse box before carefully disconnecting coffee maker with some grimacing from Mrs Payne and I both.  Found wall altogether blackened by what Mrs Payne described as coffee maker "going up" and quite unable to be cleaned off.

Too furious to deal with situation, turned fuses back on and set about making tea before returning to office.  Mrs Payne most apologetic as to state of wall as went back upstairs.

Checked desk lamp now working went about turning computer back on only to find machine quite unwilling to perform its duties.  Multiple attempts as to waking the beast failing, had unfortunate task of ringing IT.  Several minutes passed of questions as to whether I was SURE electricity was on this time, and quite terse in answers as to yes it jolly well was.  Diagnosis eventually given that computer quite dead and would need replacing.  Begged as to some other option and most valuable work stored in computers innards fell on deaf ears.  Ended call with arrangement to receive another computer and send computer back via courier.

Too annoyed to go downstairs, sat for some considerable time before calling boss and saying work would be late due to computer malfunction.

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