Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 67

Last night dishwasher thankfully finished programme prior to dinner, thankfully in that practically all cutlery and crockery seemed stowed away in dishwasher by Mrs Payne, leaving barely a solitary plate to dine from.

Other half home, had invited her to see sight of plug dangling out of dishwasher.  Thankfully Mrs Payne quite absent as was awfully engrossed in puzzle book.  Both of us quite speechless.

Having opened the door realised would probably be washing crockery before dinner.  Explanation of sheer quantity of plates in dishwasher quite clear, as Mrs Payne had stacked plates one on top of another in neat little tower, quite impossible to clean.  Moving plates to sink went on to investigate coffee maker.  Proceeded to lift unfortunate machine out of dishwasher, pouring quite considerable amount of water over carpet slippers in process.  Quite furious at this put coffee maker down on worktop only to find water continued flooding out and trickling down drawers.  Other half gave some sharp words and began wiping drawers, with now quite a waterfall seeping in.  Asked what about my slippers, other said I could "bally well paddle".  Thought this utmost unreasonableness.

Emptied bowl containing tricklings from door into sink and proceeded to splash water on shirt.  Took this further onslaught in furious silence.

Having dried all but myself as best as possible were still left with quite sorry looking coffee machine, albeit it with most brilliantly shining exterior.

In state of deep sorrow at loss of coffee maker washed plates in bare feet whilst other half made dinner and nothing more was mentioned about it.

Thankfully Mrs Payne back to usual morning routine this morning and other half and I left to fend for ourselves for breakfast.  This most welcome option, although not quite the same without coffee.

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