Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 68 - lunch

Still in mourning following disaster with coffee maker, and as such gave Mrs Payne strict instructions not to interfere with regards to courier for computer.  As such furious when attended to knock at door to find Mrs Payne had moved computer all of two yards nearer to front door "trying to help", positively blocking door being opened.

Having dragged computer out of doorway went about answering to find courier waiting impatiently on doorstep.  Showed courier computer awaiting collection only to be immediately rebuffed as not possibly being able to take item on account of not being packaged.  Thinking this altogether unreasonable, told courier I would keep old computer and take delivery of new one in any case. This quite impossible, was informed, as courier order was for parcel exchange, and couldn't possibly deliver item without picking up return item.

Highly annoyed by this had idea to swap computer boxes in order to send back old one.  Asking courier to wait a moment set about swapping boxes, with courier looking on whilst I struggled.  Query as to whether courier could perhaps help quickly denied as being "against the rules", and as such had to fall on sword and ask Mrs Payne for help.  Took enormous intake of air as agreement as Mrs Payne struggled to get up, then tottered over to help.  Having swapped boxes was positively sweating for the trouble, and Mrs Payne barely helping a jot, was quite at breaking point as Mrs Payne uttered,
"I say, Robert..".
Thanking Mrs Payne for her help by way of brushing her query aside, set about signing for parcels.

Looking on computer realised it was altogether superior to previous contraption, and taking it upstairs was most pleased with upgrade.  Having spent some considerable time with various wires and entrails, realised could not positively connect the thing with existing monitor.  Rang IT at this curiosity, and was informed "of course" could not connect monitor, and further new computer had shipped with several additional leads for this purpose.  Furious at this ended call and sought out Mrs Payne.

Apologised profusely for interrupting Mrs Payne's puzzle time (which to note, lasts all day) but had she seen additional leads for new computer?  Response came back that yes, she had.  Thinking this quite some progress asked if she would be so good as to tell me where she put them?  Most dismayed to learn that leads were in box, now being returned with old computer.  Mrs Payne quite animated as to say she had tried to tell me, but as I ignored her had assumed leads were not needed.  Too furious to reply to this returned to my office and after some staring at blank monitor rang IT.

IT clearly had great deal of amusement at mistake with box, and support person having told numerous people in office with quite some laughter, proceeded to say most gravely that all relevant staff had been informed, and leads would be sent back to me as soon as possible.

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