Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 68

Yesterday afternoon altogether written off due to kaput computer, thought it useful to return to library.  Explained was having to go out on account of being unable to do work, and received profoundly ridiculous comment from Mrs Payne that I went out all the time.

After lunch made my way to library and pleased to find Mr News absent from proceedings.  Several grateful newspaper readers gave me a friendly nod.

Another game of dominoes organised for Friday night with boss and Horseface, so thought it quite wise to seek further advice on strategy.  Spent some time looking on shelf labelled "Games", however dominoes books positively disappeared.  Went to check with librarian as to their location and was informed sharply that books had been borrowed.  Made some query as to each and every dominoes books having been borrowed, librarian begged my pardon but could not speak louder in library, as evidently I was deaf.  Took great offence at this and promptly left.

Went on to spend good hour in town drifting from book shop to charity shop by means of securing dominoes book, now fearfully focused by determination.  Best could manage was book entitled "Dominoes for Children" from charity shop, bargain at 50 pence all the same.

In hope this morning that courier is quick in delivery of replacement computer, but have been hidden away in office reading dominoes book trying to glean anything but most basic of information.

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