Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 69 - lunch

Spent some considerable time last night researching replacement coffee maker and had agreed on particular make and model with other half.  As such planned quick trip around three shops to gauge best price and then to ruthlessly buy the lowest priced and continue my day.  This going quite to plan until in worst luck found Horseface nuzzling around second shop.  Must spend more time in town than the tramps do.

Explained as to business in town and received highly negative response to chosen coffee maker, described as "fearful rubbish".  Made alternate suggestion of coffee maker four times the price, adding glowing review and declared as same one they had.  Made weak argument that really wanted something rather more compact, quickly dispelled as "nonsense".  After some dilly dallying walked out of the shop with rather large box with expensive coffee maker.  Despite extortionate price was quite excited by purchase.

Having thought about repainting black patch on wall went about getting some paint but agreed to meet Horseface for coffee afterwards.  Thought this prudent in keeping Horseface happy such that she would be easier pray during dominoes tomorrow.

Found paint with minimal trouble, despite carrying around coffee maker box.  Could barely see in front of me so elected to place box in trolley.  Had some trouble with cashier, however, in explaining how could I possibly need to pay for coffee maker they did not even sell.  Led to positively enormous queue behind me waiting for manager to approve "purchase".

Ended up in awful fluster getting to coffee shop in time to meet Horseface, only to find not a sign of her.  Got coffee all the same, and carefully placing coffee machine out of harm's way set about waiting.

Had practically finished coffee when Horseface finally entered, and was then required to have another.  In opening her bag saw distinctly book about dominoes, quickly hidden away so I would not notice.  Thought this most sneaky of plans, and made enquiries once coffee had been acquired as to if she was looking forward to dominoes tomorrow.  Casually responded,
"Oh, I suppose so".  Further questioning as to boning up positively denied.  Sneaky nag.

Have now to try new coffee maker.

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