Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 70 - lunch

Made some considerable effort with regards to finding home for coffee machine, with Mrs Payne positively refusing to help in the slightest.  Presumed this as rather upset at going back to nursing home.  Struggled with it to utility room only to find kettle in the way, and carefully placing coffee machine on floor proceeded to stub toe in moving kettle.  Furious at this set about putting coffee machine on work top only to find it did not fit there either, upset a box of soap powder in the process causing blizzard of soap powder to fall all over floor.  Taking coffee machine back into kitchen even more furious to find had trodden white soap powder footprints on my way, Mrs Payne thinking this quite hilarious.  Having cleaned up this mess altogether too tired as well as angry to proceed further, left coffee machine where it was located originally with kettle on top.

Gingerly asked Mrs Payne if she was packed and ready to go to train station.  Was informed by few sharp words that Mrs Payne packed but jolly well not ready to go.  Explained in nicest possible way that this was agreement, received not a word of response.  Waiting some minutes to ask again set about thinking of location for coffee machine, and most pleased with moment of sheer genius of idea.  Keen to put this into place steeled myself to ask again as to Mrs Payne's readiness for departure, and although no reply given, pleased to see movement in direction of front door.

Took Mrs Payne to station in silence, and carefully watching clock realised was quite in danger of missing train.  Getting there, hurried suitcase and Mrs Payne to platform, with distinct absence of hurry from the latter, only to find had indeed missed the train.  Most displeased at this as had fearfully busy day and was still expecting courier with computer leads.  Dumping suitcase to ground and panting profusely asked Mrs Payne if she would be able to wait for next train, and hearing this in affirmative, set off home.

Pleased to have home free of Mrs Payne, and quite regained excitement about setting up coffee machine in new home.  Have that to do after lunch.

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