Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 70

Coffee maker now installed and making awfully good cups of coffee.  Unfortunately this at minor cost of fearful row last night with other half regarding coffee maker barely fitting on counter top.  This due in part to wall cabinets too low to slide machine under, and further, in doing so cannot possibly use cup warmer!  Informed other half of this by way of reasoning and received particularly sharp words about not caring a jot about the cup warmer, and further where had the kettle gone?  Explained positively no room for the kettle, and as such had relegated it to utility room.  This taken particularly badly and told in no uncertain terms that coffee machine jolly well better be moved and kettle returned to its original location.

As such, this morning have difficult task of moving coffee machine, by no means trivial due to some significant weight.  Quite where machine will go another question entirely.  As well as having this to worry about also have job of taking Mrs Payne to station, packing her off to nursing home.  Awfully stressful day.  Looking forward to dominoes this evening with no Mrs Payne and able to enjoy an after dinner coffee.

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