Monday, 16 January 2012

Day 71 - lunch

As mentioned earlier, Sergeant Brooks shone light into shed and moving aside to let me see revealed Mrs Payne, sat in deck chair with tiny torch herself and copy of Prima.  Upon seeing me, responded,
"Oh, hello Robert!".

At this shouted to other half saying it was her mother, at which the whole party came out with friendly hellos from boss and Horseface and queries as to whether she was cold, treating this as quite the social call.  Having quite enough of this I said with some annoyance,
"I say, what are you doing in our shed?".
Mrs Payne responded to this by turning to Sergeant Brooks saying,
"They're sending me to an old people's home, with old people.  Might as well be dead.".

Sergeant Brooks gave sympathetic words to this and helped her out of the deck chair, suggesting she came into the house.  Highly annoyed to say this is where she has been ever since.

Other half having thanked Sergeant Brooks for his kind help, let him out, and doing so made me quite aware that any further "fools errands" of this regard would result in being "done for wasting police time".  This thought most unreasonable.

Having made tea for all and sat Mrs Payne down in my armchair (most annoyed about this) to warm up, restarted game of dominoes to attempt to end the evening well.  This altogether more difficult by considerable chatter by other players and constant asking as to Mrs Payne's condition.

Said on a number of occasions it was someone's turn to move, gained quite some notice as me taking the game far too seriously.  Another interruption came from Mrs Payne, who whilst shuffling around in armchair came across book "Dominoes for Children", and made quite a show of querying whose book it was.  At this other half looked straight at me, pointed rather, and started laughing uncontrollably.
"I say!  It's Robert's!", other half managed to utter between laughter and gasps for breath.
"Finding the game rather difficult, eh, Robert?", boss asked in fearful amusement himself.
"No please, be nice", Horseface chipped in, before adding in stone faced seriousness,
"Would you like a game of marbles after this, Wobert?".  All erupted into bellowing laughter, after which was suggested they should get the sherry.

Played in quite furious silence after this, eventually losing to Horseface.  Comment from Mrs Payne ended night off in quite worst way, sat in my armchair uttered,
"I say, you're not very good, Robert.  Maybe you should get a grown-up book next time?".

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