Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 72 - lunch

Held up in office this morning making copious notes in hope that this would somehow help work really only possible on computer.  Staring at blank screen proved altogether useless also in attempt to visualise what to do.

Quite furious at having to wait, gave IT another call and gave them quite considerable piece of mind as to where on earth were cables, and how long does it take to send them?  Was informed cables had been shipped, and gave quite sharp retort that shipping package altogether useless if they were not received.

Venturing downstairs for lunch found Mrs Payne quite at home in my armchair, now impossible for me to reconquer.  To further annoyance, found package on sofa marked "Robert Smith, URGENT".  Upon asking Mrs Payne as to when it arrived, and why she did not tell me, responded it had arrived shortly after me going into my office, and she didn't think it important.

Made quite a point of saying it was important, and most furious by response that maybe I should have answered the door myself.  Explained I hadn't heard the door, and Mrs Payne replied,
"It's not my fault you're deaf".  Too furious to reply to this, so Mrs Payne repeated louder,
Response, "I HEARD YOU", not taken altogether well.

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