Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 73 - lunch

Quite furious with progress this morning on work, principally owing to significant noise downstairs.

Going downstairs at 10 o'clock to get tea was astonished to find suspicious old couple from across the road quite happily having tea with Mrs Payne.  Begged her pardon, but didn't know we were having guests.  Response altogether annoying, "I would think not".

Made some effort in civility, requested would they be so kind as to keep noise down owing to me being frightfully busy at work.  This most solemnly promised following quite futile conversation as to ins and outs of what I did for a living.

Having taken tea to office was interrupted some time later again by further noise from downstairs in form of most raucous laughter from downstairs.  Quite furious at Mrs Payne inviting unknown strangers into home for socialising went downstairs to see what the jolly racket was.  Found in addition to Mr and Mrs Suspicious two new elderly guests, quite mirror image of first two.  Said at this was quite unreasonable to have guests at this volume, really was trying to work and would they be long?  Response from all that they were just getting started considered height of amusement to all.

Laid down quite considerable point that they should jolly well be gone before lunch, with feeling that this warning not altogether taken on board by Mrs Payne.  Comment from Mrs Payne "it's my home too!" altogether ignored, before thinking better, and just as Mrs Payne was about to repeat, added "I heard you!".

Further annoyed in going to get cup of tea found not a solitary leaf of tea in the kitchen, all having evidently been consumed by Mrs Payne and guests.  As such had to make do with instant coffee, not even considering going into lounge to make proper coffee.

Went down before lunch in high hopes of unwanted guests having departed and much to annoyance found them in kitchen having some serious discussion as to dishwasher.  Found the two elderly gentleman man-handling dishwasher out of its position saying machine wasn't working.  Informed them most tersely that it was jolly well was working before they got to it, and further more their presence was no longer welcome and would they be kind enough to leave?  This taken with utmost exception from guests, who promptly gathered things.  Mrs Payne also took exception, not least with loud comment shouted down drive upon leaving,
"And don't come back!".

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