Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Day 73

Worked terribly hard yesterday afternoon to catch up on work and was making good progress by dinner time.

Other half had made special effort and cooked my favourite for dinner and handed me a pre-dinner sherry by way of thanks for putting up with mother.  Thought this profoundly nice of her, she's a darling.

As such was in most good mood at dinner, despite comment from Mrs Payne as to my deafness.  Explained in nicest possible way was not in the slightest deaf, thank you very much.  Other half added I should consider hearing test.  Situation made altogether worse by me raising voice in doing so, acting as further evidence to Mrs Payne as to deafness.

Some minutes later by way of continuing conversation, Mrs Payne added I was getting on in years, and was nearly as old as her.  Took this as awfully funny, said I jolly well hoped not!  Mrs Payne most displeased by this, said she looked very well for her age.

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