Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 75 - lunch

Going downstairs for tea at 10 o'clock found Mrs Payne again crouching over coffee machine.  Asked if she would like tea, and was concerned by reply that she was making coffee.  Advised really was better to give up as machine obviously defective and other half would be fearfully annoyed at further mess.  Astonished to hear one coffee had already been brewed, and holding up cup of delicious looking coffee asked would I like one too.  Replied it was good of her to manage one cup, but likely machine quite incapable of a second.

Watched for several moments as Mrs Payne performed various operations as to coffee, and standing back added "it'll just be a moment!".  Waited in expectation for further catastrophe, which was certainly not going to clear up myself.  Almost disappointed moments later to be presented with perfectly made cup of coffee.

By way of demonstration Mrs Payne went on to show were I was going wrong, and making same mistake I did jerked coffee press upwards, this time landing coffee grounds all over me.  As if a scientist examining experiment, Mrs Payne commented most thoughtfully,
"Yes, that's what happens.  Sorry Robert.".

Mrs Payne highly proud of her efforts said she couldn't wait to tell other half, who would be most pleased at machine not broken.  Added whilst sitting down in armchair,
"And to think I managed to fix it!  Fancy!".

Furious at both working of machine and being covered in coffee retired upstairs, leaving Mrs Payne enjoying her coffee with occasional pleased remark to herself of "Fancy!".

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