Friday, 20 January 2012

Day 75

Had fearful row with other half yesterday evening on account of wet patch on floor.  Explained quite reasonably that coffee machine obviously having trouble and really was altogether out of my control.  Mrs Payne adding coffee was coming out a bit weak not helping situation.  Other half said if I was an expert in using machine I could jolly well be the expert in cleaning it up properly.

Having made attempt at cleaning affected area was quite unable to accept defeat, and with renewed energy made point of saying we would all enjoy an after-dinner coffee.

Enlisted Mrs Payne as helper to bring required items.  Other half highly amused with question,
"Shall I bring water this time, Robert?".
Made best effort to be polite and say yes please.

Other half asked would I not be better with instructions, but dismissed this as unneeded bureaucracy and set to work on making coffee.  All went swimmingly except had same issue coffee as water.  Other half said really I didn't have a clue.  Took some exception to this.

Decided coffee must be altogether in wrong compartment, and rather excessively manipulating coffee press proceeded to jerk the item upwards, landing quite considerable amount of coffee grounds over Mrs Payne's head and upper body.  Grounds made surprising effort to stick, leaving quite considerable coating, as in shock Mrs Payne uttered,
"Bit strong this time, Robert.".

At this other half said I'd done jolly well enough damage for today and we would ask Horseface next time they were over.  Response that machine having technical issues quite ignored.  Furious at defeat proceeded to take coffee items back into kitchen and sulk.

Still awfully annoyed this morning to see coffee machine standing proudly in lounge.  Have good mind to take the item back as quite clearly defective.

In any case, at least it is Friday, and work almost caught up.

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