Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 76 - lunch

Came down for lunch to find Mrs Payne joyfully working away on her painting.  Looking upon the canvas, saw piece as ghastly coloured mess of smudged paint rather than a painting.  Quite unsure what to say as Mrs Payne asked my opinion, and after some moments of uncomfortable silence, said it looked really quite vivid, but I wasn't altogether sure what it was.  Mrs Payne rather taken back by this, owned that she was really expecting I could tell, and doing so pointed in direction of plant standing on television set.

Exclaimed ever so quickly that of course I could tell!  Further, really terribly good rendition, very life-like.  Mrs Payne seemed most pleased with this, went on to say piece was titled "Plant on the Telly".  Asked at this whether was her intention to include television also, and baffled by response that it was central element of the piece.

Asked Mrs Payne about brush, who admitted it was a bit large, all of an inch thick.  Queried where supplies had come from, and was told it was hardware store in town.  Exclaimed place had quite a variety of products, and was altogether surprised shop sold art supplies at all.  Thinking this avenue altogether dangerous one, asked if she would like lunch.

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