Monday, 23 January 2012

Day 76

Over breakfast had most odd conversation with Mrs Payne that she was going to embark on painting hobby.  Noticed she had picked up various items over the weekend and thought this most peculiar.

Explained that had done a bit of painting myself, and found it awfully difficult activity.  Mrs Payne seemed not dissuaded by this, said it as going to be jolly fun to have something to do during the day.  Said she would set up her things in lounge if it was all the same with us.

Query as to medium she was using resulted in rather blank look, followed response,
"Yes, medium size painting I should say!".
Made further attempt by asking whether she was using watercolours, or oil, perhaps.  With some thought, said she hadn't a clue, and scuttled off to her painting things to find out.

Mrs Payne returned with little pot and holding it at arm's length to correct short-sightedness, read aloud:
"Well this little pot says 'Emulsion'", before adding for other half's benefit, "I've got some jolly pretty colours, each has a little name!".

Made attempt to explain to Mrs Payne that paint was decorating sample pot, but other half gave me quite severe kick and quickly shut up.  Said instead that was sure Mrs Payne would have an awfully good time, and the important thing was enjoying herself, not the end result.

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