Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 77 - lunch

Other half equally mystified as to Mrs Payne's painting when asked for criticism ("as long as it's constructive"), helped not a jot in reducing Mrs Payne's enthusiasm.  As such, set up again this morning to paint another.

Most concerned coming down for lunch on what might await me, and further on having to provide "constructive" criticism.   Feared the worst when seeing several large tins of emulsion, all open and with various foreign colours splashed into them, certainly sourced from my spare paint shelf in garage.

Commented on mixing my paint, quickly answered saying she would give paint a good mix before putting the lid back on.  Query as to whether this would change the overall colour dismissed as "nonsense".

Inevitable question came, and was most confused that second piece looked largely the same as first, although somewhat different colours.  If first painting was of ghastly coloured mess, this painting altogether more subdued, although certainly carried forward style of ghastliness, and indeed, mess.

Queried as to painting method used, as one patch looked altogether different.  This answered by Mrs Payne holding up hand, saying,
"I needed somewhere to rest my hand", and showing a large patch of dried paint on her palm.  Quite unsure of response, however Mrs Payne added,
"I thought it added something to the work, so I kept it".  Thought it best to agree.

After some laboured moments felt I positively had to ask what it was.  This question answered by a gesture of paint covered hand towards plant on television set again, and assuming piece a redux, made comment as to plant being most lifelike.  This taken with quite some displeasure, asked if I was blind as well as deaf, and further there wasn't a plant in the painting, adding by way of explanation, piece was titled simply, "Telly".  Attempted to recover this faux pas stating if I wanted painting of television set, would certainly come to her.  Mrs Payne asked was it time for lunch.

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