Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 77

Invited boss and Horseface over on Thursday night for dominoes rematch given previous farce with Mrs Payne.  As such other half and I terribly keen to practice last night to improve skills.

All going very well until fearful disagreement as to rules on drawing additional tiles during one's turn.  Other half stated this altogether acceptable form of the game, whilst I adamantly disagreed.  Other half most displeased, said she presumed I was playing the "children's version".  Taking this very badly retorted that she was the only one being a child.  This turned into most competitive match where betting matchsticks traded hands with great malice.

Mrs Payne stepped in over spat, said unless we settled down she would take the dominoes away.  This taken most seriously by both of us, ended up agreeing that drawing was not permitted.

Following agreement on rules have made some effort to make notes as to game play over breakfast this morning whilst other half not looking and will spend some time honing strategy over coming days.

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