Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 78 - lunch

Returned from town with Mrs Payne, thankfully without ghastly atrocities to the art of paint, emulsion or otherwise.

Left Mrs Payne to her errand and said she could find me in coffee shop when done.  She appeared some while later with stony look on her face and not a painting on her person.  Asked where her paintings were, received dismayed response,
"Oh those, I got rid of them.".  Seemed that Mrs Payne had received quite the same criticism as given by other half and I.  Couldn't help but feel slightly giddy at this, but condoled all the same saying she had done her best and would she like a coffee?  Said she would, but still seemed awfully disappointed so bought cake too.

Spending lunch perfecting dominoes strategy, having had quite some success playing other half last night.  Match had altogether less argument than previous and received no threat from Mrs Payne on taking dominoes away.

Both of us awfully focused on match, quite ignored Mrs Payne's continued discourse on painting.  In any event, won all the games!  Took this as quite affirmation as to strategy and most confident playing boss and Horseface on Thursday!

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