Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Day 78

Other half equally exasperated last night by Mrs Payne's "artwork" and having made same faux pas as to piece's contents, ventured to suggest perhaps painting wasn't quite the right hobby for her, although really very well done for trying, was quite the inspiration to us all.  This taken most badly, said she was awfully pleased with the results, and considered herself having quite the eye for art.  Other half and I altogether quiet with regards to agreement, Mrs Payne took utmost annoyance, wanted not a jot of "constructless criticism" and she would jolly well take her work to where it would be appreciated.  This taken in best humour by other half and I, terribly amused when Mrs Payne left room.  Other half scolded me for being mean, proceeded to quietly giggle.

Exasperation took all new heights at breakfast as Mrs Payne asked would I be so good to take her into town to art shop such that work could evaluated by those "in the know".  Looked with some concern towards other half, who said she was sure I'd be delighted.  Confirmed destination was actual art shop, not hardware store, and having had this sharply dismissed, agreed would certainly take her into town later this morning.

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