Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 79 - lunch

Concentrating awfully hard in office mid-morning on dominoes only to be interrupted in incessant telephone ringing and Mrs Payne altogether oblivious to it, singing in kitchen.

Answered the phone to and received request to speak with Mrs Payne from art shop in town.  Thought this most peculiar but assumed were ringing to apologise for being so harsh yesterday.  Had to raise voice quite considerable to get Mrs Payne's attention over her singing, and having put her on line, took opportunity to get tea whilst in peace.

Mrs Payne returned to kitchen moments later, singing at higher volume than previous, and seemed in best of possible moods.  In effort to extinguish singing, asked why art shop were calling.  Astonished to hear they were ringing up on account of price of Mrs Payne's paintings.  Begged her pardon, but thought paintings had been put in bin?  Mrs Payne said only a novice would think that, paintings had been most well received, and further paintings had been got rid of, by way of art shop offering to sell them.  As such had rang up to confirm price, as would shortly be displayed in window.

Altogether taken back by this, have some concern over viability of shop taking artwork painted with emulsion by elderly ladies.  Taking tea back to office struck on natural explanation that not wanting to hurt her feelings shop had taken pieces and perhaps put five or ten pounds price on them.  Thought again at this explanation as quite unsure pieces would raise five pounds the pair.

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