Thursday, 26 January 2012

Day 79

Spent quite some time yesterday lunchtime and afternoon working on dominoes strategy and even played several games against myself.  Furious to learn when other half came home that had been playing altogether different rules than standard, and we should tell boss and Horseface when they come over later today.  Said really we are much better playing with existing rules, as understood by all.  Other half gave ever-so devious look, asked if I had been practicing.  Dismissed this as poppycock, and much aggrieved by Mrs Payne chipping in saying yes I had.  This made other half's mind up, said we would jolly well by playing the proper rules!

Most displeased by this, reminded other half about Mrs Payne's trip into town with paintings.  Other half most interested as to progress, I suspected with similar glimmer of giddiness as myself.  Mrs Payne, evidently displeased about this being brought up, repeated response, however accepted good deal of praise from other half on paintings being very good really for a beginner and well done again for trying.

Having taken focus away from myself began furiously thinking about how to have one up on boss and Horseface with dominoes.  Continuing to do so this morning, although altogether at a loss as to how.

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