Friday, 27 January 2012

Day 80 - lunch

Boss dropped off paintings mid-morning, altogether nervous about greeting Mrs Payne, and disappeared down drive once paintings had been handed over, had barely a moment to hand him cheque for 400 pounds.

Closing door Mrs Payne emerged from kitchen to look over paintings, and was astonished to hear still thought the pieces most artistic.  With utmost concern on removing pieces from home at earliest opportunity, asked would she like me to take them back to art shop.  Dismayed that this emphatically declined, said she would keep them herself.

As was now owed 400 pounds, said would take Mrs Payne into town to pick up her fee.  This duly agreed upon, and Mrs Payne seeming somewhat upset, said we could have coffee and cake if she liked. As such, she did like.

Most annoyed having got into town at having not a single 20 pence for car park, and further at laborious pace of Mrs Payne's tottering.  Finally got to art shop and after some discussion owner handed over cheque for 320 pounds, sale price less 20% commission.

Sought out coffee shop, and having provided Mrs Payne with coffee and cake, brought up minor difference in fee, quite unwilling to silently lose 80 pounds.  Mrs Payne said quietly 320 pounds was all she had, however recognising the 80 pounds deficit, could give us the paintings, seeing as it was family.  Thought for some moments over this, and realising disagreement altogether frightful alternative, said I would buy the pieces for 40 pounds each to cover difference.  Mrs Payne most cheerful at this solution, added,
"And to think, me a professional artist!".

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