Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 81 - lunch

Had email this morning from boss with new project, fearfully boring and altogether beneath ability.  Certain this is consequence of Mrs Payne's awful paintings.  Made enquiry as to project being done by someone else, quickly denied as me being the "best man for the job".  Thought this terribly offensive.

Barely started the work when altogether sick of it and decided to check on Mrs Payne for further attempts at damage to home or herself.  Found her sitting in armchair reading "DIY Handbook", purchased by other half as well meaning prompt for me with regards to home improvement.  Has never left shelf since purchase.

Had quite some discussion with Mrs Payne as to merits of home improvement, as well as to it being really altogether better idea to leave it to someone else, should one risk doing oneself a mischief.  This nonchalantly denied by Mrs Payne, not looking up for her reading.  Made some effort to say we could get someone in, although we would have to find a reputable workman, of course.  At this Mrs Payne looked up and said directly, "Don't have you have work to do?".  Thought this profoundly rude, said yes I did, and further I was only being polite as give her a bit of company.  Stormed into kitchen to make tea, not offering Mrs Payne a drop.

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