Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 81

Had weekend altogether unpleasant on account of Mrs Payne's paintings.  Started when other half arrived home Friday with exclamation "not those bally things!" uttered, unfortunately within hearing of Mrs Payne, quickly modified to, "what a delightful surprise!".

Had then unfortunate task of explaining to other half about having paid for them, forty pounds a piece.  This taken awfully badly, largely blaming me for incident, and said Mrs Payne can jolly well pay the deficit herself.  This vigorously attacked and defended from both sides, with Mrs Payne saying she had not a "solitary pound" to her name.  Result was Mrs Payne would "give a discount" on the pieces.  Thought this frightfully ridiculous.

This fearful incident thankfully dealt with on Friday, then had considerable degree of nagging for entirety of weekend as to where paintings would be placed.  Other half and I had altogether enough of this, went out for coffee.  Came back to find Mrs Payne brandishing hammer and terribly large nails, looking intent of mayhem.  Quickly removed these implements from Mrs Payne's possession, with some degree of resistance.  Defence, "I was just going to make a little hole" altogether maligned.

Have possession of all tools likely to cause damage stowed away in office, and strict instructions for Mrs Payne not to attempt any home improvements.

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