Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 82 - lunch

In most good mood following further success on improved project.  This altogether changed as came down for lunch to find Mrs Payne on hands and knees in lounge proceeding to hammer picture hooks into back of frame for one of her paintings.  This evidently profound physical activity, Mrs Payne sounding like a foghorn under the weather.

Said to Mrs Payne, really would be rather wiser to let me do it, and leave it for another time, and also was certainly not optimal to hammer using the heel of a shoe.  This taken most badly, replied only reason she was using shoe was because I had taken all tools.  Said this was for her own good.

Advice promptly ignored and with further wheezing Mrs Payne continued hammering with shoe.  This thankfully came to an end when shoe, evidently not holding up to its job, proceeded to get nail lodged into it, thereby nailing shoe to frame.  Asked at this point whether Mrs Payne would like lunch, said she would.

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