Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Day 82

Awfully difficult yesterday afternoon to concentrate on such a boring project until hit upon idea that actually work should be done in altogether different way entirely and would be much better for customer.  Thought would be nice surprise for boss if did this without mentioning it first, and could then show him work once complete.  As such had productive afternoon on improved project concept.

Profoundly pleased with result, showed it to other half and Mrs Payne over breakfast.  Feedback wholly undesirably first asking what it was, and that having been explained said it was a bit gaudy.  Thought this most ridiculous said it was much better done colourfully, and original request from boss as to being done in most simplistic way and in black and white wildly off the mark.  Explained also that was doing the improved version by way of surprise, this most scorned up as being "fools errand".  Said not a bit of it and proudly put my drafts away.

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