Friday, 24 February 2012

Day 100 - lunch

Took Mrs Payne to doctor's surgery this morning.  Upon other half's request had to take Mrs Payne in also, most laborious as even slower walking than usual.

Mrs Payne looked awfully worried about surgery, and reassured her most insistently that would not be chopping toe off, most likely just nail.  Regardless, looked rather pale as went into the little room, and had unfortunate job of trying to get Mrs Payne onto bed, a task rather like pushing hippo onto a shopping trolley.

Propped precariously on bed Mrs Payne most anxious that I stayed and bound to say was awfully shocked with surgery going rather badly, and some injury sustained.  Doctor ever so good in bedside manner, and explained would only be very minor.  Mrs Payne quivered profoundly all the same, and in evident fear, as soon as doctor laid hands on foot Mrs Payne's leg jerked up, savagely kicking doctor squarely in jaw.  Doctor dazed by this, and had rather panic myself as to if he was going to faint.  Mrs Payne apologised profusely at this, declaring rather a knee jerk reaction.  Coming around and bedside manner rather more furious, apology altogether unappreciated by doctor, queried in most annoyance how she could get knee jerk reaction in foot?

Some further attempts at surgery occurred, but altogether unsuccessful.  Doctor eventually gave up saying had never seen someone so lacking in control of own appendages.  Mrs Payne most put out by this, said she had "quite perfect appendables".

Taking Mrs Payne to car had unfortunate luck to run into Miss Broom, with some hope in direction of AA meeting.  Mrs Payne most furious regards her stolen mug, and following some cross words on mug being returned, Miss Broom stalked off.  Attempted to steer Mrs Payne home, however quite unwilling to leave matter at this, set off in hot pursuit, uttering, "Oof!  Oof!  Oof!  Oof!", as fast as could totter.  Mrs Payne evidently on top of matter, so I promptly sat down on nearby bench.

Never did get the mug back.

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