Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 102 - lunch

Most annoyed returning from newspaper shop to be altogether lacking possession on today's newspaper.

Going to shop mid-morning was awfully polite regards newspaper being wrong day.  Asked would it be at all possible to receive today's newspaper, was promptly told certainly not, newspaper sold out.  Most annoyed at this, as well as suggestion could have tabloid as alternative.  Query as to what kind of newspaper shop did not have today's newspaper not altogether taken well, and made mistake of adding as further note that newspaper provided yesterday, was from last week.  This shop owner took as me being "trouble maker", although wholly unsurprised to hear they "get a lot".

Comment that I presumably wanted tomorrow's newspaper today too dismissed as ridiculous, and further with that attitude certainly did not want tomorrow's newspaper, and as such could cancel subscription.  Indignantly left shop and heard on way out comment,
"It's always Times readers!".

Mrs Payne most displeased to hear newspaper had been stopped.  Asked what she was supposed to do regards crossword.  Said I didn't have faintest idea.

Most annoyed some time later to find Mrs Payne carefully dabbing my white correction fluid onto each tiny square of old crosswords.  Said was rather using lot of correction fluid, and further, had dabbed over clue numbers.  Replied that was fine as could remember most of words anyway.

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