Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Day 103 - lunch

Most annoyed mid-morning on coming downstairs for tea to find boss sat having jolly conversation with Mrs Payne.  Said I hadn't heard door bell, at which Mrs Payne said was terribly sorry, had called upstairs.  Presumed call rather like door mouse.

Boss said was having good conversation with "Bitty" and anyway, was getting frightfully good information, and would have to consider quite seriously putting on payroll.  At this went on to ask Mrs Payne regards being my boss.  Replied she wouldn't think of it, would have to fire me immediately.  Boss thought this hilarious.

Received very exciting news regards poster, that being was now being considered for newspaper run of several days!  Have rarely had designs in national press and awfully disparaged that design not altogether to boss' liking.  Said could I rework it.  At this Mrs Payne proceeded to tell boss he needed to breath while looking at it.  Boss replied was certain she was right.  Most ridiculous.

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