Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 83 - lunch

Other half displeased last night to learn of Mrs Payne's hammering incident.  Said it was a jolly silly thing to do and she should know better.  Unfortunately other half altogether more furious finding it was her shoe now nailed to picture frame.  Query as to why her shoe was suffering answered as being "the nearest to hand" not altogether helping situation.

As such had fearful row with other half on merits of stowing tools away out of Mrs Payne's grasp, resulting in tools being returned to usual location with strict instructions that should Mrs Payne feel the need to use them it must be done responsibly.

Returning tools from upstairs Mrs Payne said she would have the hammer now if it was all the same to me, and by way of demonstration on her trustworthiness, proceeded to prize other half's shoe from picture frame.  Having loosed the item, exclaimed "See!" handing shoe to other half, now with nail protruding from heel.

Fearfully bored all morning with project, and hearing some degree of banging from downstairs thought it both sensible for mind and home to investigate.  Found to some surprise Mrs Payne's ghastly painting hanging neatly from the wall, and carefully looking behind found not a jot of plaster had been displaced.  Most impressed by this, said we both deserved cup of coffee if she would be so kind as to make it.  Said she would be delighted.

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