Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Day 83

Yesterday afternoon most pleased with my work for my project, sent it across to boss, and most displeased to receive reply shortly thereafter from boss' underling saying work altogether wrong, and had I not read the brief?  Replied yes I had and further thought this would be profoundly more appropriate artwork.  Reply came again from underling saying nothing of the sort, and further would have to redo all the work.  Furious at this but thought better of taking it up with boss, relented to redoing work.

As such have most boring morning ahead of me and spent some considerable time over breakfast.  Situation also not helped by other half and Mrs Payne commenting as to telling me so that colourful artwork altogether wrong and perhaps I should listen to them more in future?  Thought better of replying, but after some moments stated at some volume to Mrs Payne,
This taken in brightest of moods by Mrs Payne, profoundly happy this morning.  Most annoyed by this also.

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