Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 84 - lunch

Took Mrs Payne to hardware store and spent some considerable time whilst Mrs Payne weighed up various tools that could do necessary job.  Explained had many tools already and was sure really just needed replacement tile, but this dismissed by Mrs Payne and needing altogether "more professional" tools.  Thought this hilarious and said as much, Mrs Payne retorting by way of asking who created the damage in the first place, and perhaps I would care to fix it?  Said she could carry on.  Unfortunately she did carry on, to the tune of 120 pounds, quite ridiculous for such small task.

Having gathered numerous contraptions for Mrs Payne, set off for home, and getting back found profoundly rude email from boss' underling on account of asking where the work was, and really was all too ridiculous that work was done wrong in first place.  Furious at this on account of boss being included on email, evidently to show me up.  Spent quite some time writing awfully sharp email in response, but held back on sending at last minute.  Shaking with anger decided would need a cup of tea and did not calm down a jot with Mrs Payne's comment,
"I say, you do still have a job?", happily banging away with her tools.

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