Thursday, 2 February 2012

Day 84

Other half equally impressed last night with Mrs Payne's hanging of painting.  Said she had never seen the job so well done.  Took some exception to this on account of my previous good work in this area.  Other half said my pictures always hung crooked.  Defending my work saying wall was crooked.  Furious when by way of reply other half broke into song "There was a crooked man", with Mrs Payne joining in for reprise.  Asked if they had quite finished, replied they had with shrill laughter.

Riding on her air of success, Mrs Payne noted perhaps she could see about mending bowed wooden floor tile, damaged during unfortunate incident with coffee machine.  Other half, still annoyed at incident, said she thought it altogether unwise, really would better be left.  Bound to say I had been quite bothered with damage on account of tripping on it some number of times, and thinking this the most excellent way of getting it fixed without doing so myself, backed Mrs Payne's campaign to do the work.  Other half eventually relinquished, and plan of work put in place to acquire necessary materials today and complete the work on Friday.

As such have task of taking Mrs Payne to hardware store.  Query raised as to whether I should be doing work, dismissed as being task for an imbecile.  Mrs Payne queried as to why I wasn't doing it then.  Too furious to respond.  Mrs Payne realising her faux pas added with a little laugh, "Oh, I say!".

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