Friday, 3 February 2012

Day 85

Received email yesterday afternoon from boss, and feared worse in getting a severe telling off for work being late and further for wasting time.  Braced myself before opening and decided before clicking that would really be better to have cup of tea first.

Went downstairs to find Mrs Payne in frightful mess and floor tile certainly no different in its position to earlier, that being solidly affixed to floor.  Altogether too worried about email for this, and comment from Mrs Payne about having to try an alternative approach quickly dismissed.

Returned with tea to find email defiantly waiting, and wincing as I clicked to read email, most short in content as is boss' style, read as follows:

"Monochrome, nonsense. Go with colour. Could learn a lot from Smith."

Delighted with this and printed out copy for other half to read when home.  Other half most pleased with outcome, called me a "maverick".  She's a darling.  Mrs Payne, altogether less impressed, said she still preferred black and white, and there was "no accounting for taste".

Most displeased by this, asked by way of defence how floor tile was progressing.  This query quietly ignored, other half offered encouragement that she was certain mother would make a very good job of it seeing quality of picture hanging work.

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