Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 86 - lunch

Packed other half off to work with healthy lunch and shocked to hear Mrs Payne going out for walk. As such had house completely to myself and decided late start on work altogether justified as had been working awfully hard of late. Helped myself to extra toast with mid-morning tea safe from glares and criticism about not joining in diet regime. Toast all the more enjoyable as result.

Mrs Payne returned shortly before lunch, and bound to say looked rather flushed. Said walk most invigorating though evidently lacked energy to respond when asked if she was up to physical activity, as was outright ignored.

Question as to whether Mrs Payne would be joining me for lunch met more success, said she was not hungry thank you, but could I perhaps bring her glass of water. Brought glass to her presently and found her asleep in chair, poor dear.

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