Monday, 6 February 2012

Day 86

Positively miserable weekend owing to return of diet for other half and Mrs Payne. Explained had not a jot of interest, at which receieved barrage of comment as to needing to lose a pound or two myself.

Stuck to my principles fearlessly and won right to enjoy food not akin to rabbit fayre, however in doing so opened myself to superior criticism at every meal. Maintained I was very proud of their endeavours, whilst caring not a jot for comments that I should be joining them.

At dinner on Saturday enjoyed delicious lamb chop whilst other half and Mrs Payne contented themselves with potato salad. Is quite some fortune that mere looks cannot absorb calories as other half and Mrs Payne would have gained several pounds each watching as I ate my chop.

After some minutes of self conscious eating ventured to ask how salad was. Enthusiastic response from both rabbits that salad positively delicious. Replied they must be savouring it, as same pieces of lettuce had been pushed around plates for some minutes. This promptly declared ridiculous as other half began eating and Mrs Payne excused herself from table saying she wasn't so hungry at the moment. Comment that diet must be working apparently most unwelcome. Told to be quiet and eat my chop.

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