Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 87 - lunch

Following awful dinner last night decided this morning would be excellent idea to take laptop to coffee shop in town and enjoy cake and coffee whilst working.  Grimaced whilst leaving Mrs Payne at home, singing in shrillest of voice and greatest of moods, evidently not feeling effects of diet.

Arriving at coffee shop ordered coffee and sumptuous cake, caring not a jot for calories or cost.  Had some degree of concern over Horseface appearing as she often does, so tucked myself away in corner out of obvious sight by way of avoiding the omnipresent nag.

Work went awfully well fuelled by delicious cake, although had terrible problem when shop assistant removed empty plate and cup from table, leaving me quite obviously outstaying my welcome.  This came to head as some time later was asked at some volume whether I was intending on having a drink, or "treating the place like a library".  Thought of awfully sharp response that place was certainly NOT a library, owing to library staff being POLITE.  Unfortunately only thought of this whilst standing on street, having been rudely shown the door, to my infinite shame.

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