Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Day 87

Had some concerns last night with other half cooking, and found them altogether justified as sat down to eat.  Inspecting plate saw rice and vegetables in order, although begged other half's pardon, but was the dish quite cooked, as mine had several pieces of uncooked white squares, presumed some kind of stock.  Was informed it was jolly well cooked and to get on with it.

Mrs Payne and I exchanged some glances, and bracing myself cut a tiny piece and slowly at it, not altogether pleased with rather gelatinous texture and not a jot of taste in the thing.  Apologised profusely again, queried as to what we were eating.  Mrs Payne excitedly replied we were eating, "toe food!".  Said I had never heard of such a thing in the realm of cooking, although could see the material used as some kind of window seal.  Was terribly sorry to ask, but we didn't have some chicken fillets wedged in window frame by way of some awful mistake?

Other half, having paused between eating, exclaimed with profound displeasure, "It's tofu!".  Several minutes of silence followed, with Mrs Payne eventually speaking with some thought, saying she preferred the name toe food.  Attempt for my response to this quickly denied by other half saying wearily,
"Can we just eat it?".

This question answered some laborious minutes later in the negative, as Mrs Payne and I had carefully eaten around the cubed window seal material leaving it largely untouched.  Things taken all too far as Mrs Payne began stacking little cubes neatly on plate, before saying,
"Look!  It's a toe food castle!".

This taken as all too much for other half, said she didn't know why she bothered making delicious meals for such unappreciative diners.  Comment that I didn't believe she had perhaps going a bit far, other half stormed out of kitchen saying we could clear the table.  Some minutes later in doing so found other half had left a quantity herself!

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