Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Day 88 - lunch

Back from coffee shop with trip largely more successful than last.  Decided would be altogether wise to ingratiate myself with staff so made particular point of leaving tip in little jar.  Must have been appreciated as coins quickly removed by rude shop assistant from yesterday.

Thought by way of securing my position that by drinking coffee ever so slowly would then be unable to complain as yesterday.  As such although cake quickly disappeared, sipped coffee like church mouse with a wedge of cheese.

Inevitable brush with Coffee Shop Police occurred, and owing to over half of coffee still remaining, albeit now stone cold, was spared wrath of shop assistant, who even went so far as to thank me for tip.

Unfortunately extended time at coffee shop resulted in heightened risk of Horseface, who promptly arrived just as was about to leave.  Thankfully had laptop open so made sure to explain was working.  Horseface, having spotted rather murky looking coffee, made terribly loud comment that I was "nursing that drink a bit, I'd say!", at which rude shop assistant cleaning nearby added,
"It's been like that all morning!".
All present thought this most amusing and Horseface positively hilarious.  Bought me another drink by way of apology.

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