Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 89 - lunch

Coming down for mid-morning tea saw Mrs Payne readying herself for walk, proving highly regular as has been out every day this week.  Reminding me of seeing her in town yesterday, asked what had been said to Horseface.  This taken most oddly, asked with quite some shock how I had seen her, so explained was in a shop.  No answer being provided, said in any case Mrs Payne had done terribly well to walk such a distance, and looked rather well also.  Mrs Payne took this most graciously, said that was awfully kind.

Deciding Mrs Payne set very good example, would rather like a walk myself, and would come along if it was all the same.  Apparently this profoundly not all the same, Mrs Payne said she would really rather go on her own, but thank you very much for the offer, and promptly walked straight out of door.  Watched from window to see Mrs Payne looking back nervously, smile broadly in my direction, vigorously wave, and continue walking.  Presume woman of her age prone to losing marbles.  Will mention to other half.

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