Thursday, 9 February 2012

Day 89

Spent some time after lunch yesterday working in coffee shop, Horseface thankfully cantered off having finished grazing.  In doing so found most surprising events.

Saw Horseface having only just left, waved to Mrs Payne, evidently on one of her walks.  Mrs Payne met Horseface, shared one or two words, and Mrs Payne promptly walked off in opposite direction.  Thought this most odd.

Whilst staring at this, gaze was interrupted by quite some argument between shop assistant and manager.  Some awfully sharp words were exchanged and shop assistant stormed out, exclaiming as she did she, "didn't do nothing".

Some moments passed where shocked patrons slowly returned to their business, and bound to say could not help but purchase another coffee by way of enquiring as to shop assistant, despite frightful expense.  Doing so proved cost altogether justified, as manager apologised for outburst, and said she had to let the assistant go on account of stealing.  Listing misdemeanours, went on to say assistant had the audacity to take shared tips straight out of the jar.  This altogether bad in itself, manager informed me that some customers had seen this and not reported it!  Said I couldn't believe people could be so stupid.

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