Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 90 - lunch

Having sworn Mrs Payne to silence, decided to set off on our evil deed this morning for cake.  Mrs Payne terribly grateful for accomplice on account of being able to take car instead of walking.  Explained taking car rather less good for exercise.  Mrs Payne replied we could take the bus, point altogether lost.

Evidently had been to coffee shop all too frequently, manager greeted us and went as far as suggesting what we wanted.  Thought this profound liberty, but pleased to have extra stamp on my free coffee card for Mrs Payne's coffee, although thinking now, false victory as I paid for it.

Settled down at table in corner with barely enough room for coffee, cakes and my laptop and had barely managed to arrange items when quickly hushed Mrs Payne.  Sitting facing shop front, I motioned towards door as we saw other half walk into coffee shop, receive terrifying shock at seeing us, quickly about face, walk back out of coffee shop and finally stood motionless in street.

Some moments passed of excited comment between Mrs Payne and I, and for other half what can only assume some chagrin.  Eventually other half came back into coffee shop and greeted Mrs Payne and I most graciously, saying what a lovely surprise, although chastised Mrs Payne rather for the cake, said it was alright just the once.  Mrs Payne made silent approval that it was just the once.

Had quite some suspicion as to other half's reason for coffee shop visit, but before had a moment to query this found manager pottering around clearing tables exclaiming to other half that she would serve her in a moment, and really too funny that we knew each other, was evidently the "cake brigade"!  Seeing opportunity made nonchalant reply that surely other half was not in cake brigade, as was certainly on diet and fearfully serious about it!  At this glances passed from other half to manager, and other half admitted with most shame that she had the occasional lapse as to cake.  Manager evidently most uncomfortable said she presumed just a coffee was in order today, at which other half boldly added,
"Oh no, cake please!".

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