Friday, 10 February 2012

Day 90

Following Mrs Payne's odd disappearance decided after early lunch that would perhaps take work to coffee shop now free from tyranny of lawless staff.  Bound to say with dinner at home have become fearfully addicted to cake, and have been drawn in by 10th coffee free upon stamping little card.

Arriving at coffee shop sought out my usual table and fearfully annoyed to find someone sitting haunched over it as really was best possible place to work with mains socket nearby for laptop.  Inspecting patron more closely immediately came to solution, and said quite audibly,
"I say, Mrs Payne!".
This caused terribly shock to the poor dear, who jumped out of her skin and looked up in fright, with quantity of chocolate cake around her mouth.

Followed harrowing tale of Mrs Payne at wits end with diet, most fearful of saying to daughter she wanted to quit, and as such had been making journey to coffee shop such that could get some sustenance, and really feet terribly sore.  Mrs Payne most concerned, asked what I was going to do.  In awfully serious tone replied,
"Well Mrs Payne, I think there is only one resolution", and with gasp from Mrs Payne added,
"Let us eat cake."

Other half and Mrs Payne's diet proving most onerous regarding dinner, particularly dishes similarity and profound lack of taste.  Dismissed other half's defence of the dish as being "jolly nutritious" as rather too true,  dish tasting as it did could not possibly be bad for you and please could I have a little more salt?  Other half said this most ridiculous, tasted delicious.  Thankfully had Mrs Payne by way of agreement asking what the "green stuff" was, with other half replying in height of annoyance,


  1. I just about lost my coffee when I read "Let us eat cake"!! LMAO

    1. Glad you liked it. I'm not buying you a new keyboard though if you make a mess. ;-)