Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 91 - lunch

Went down for tea mid-morning to find Mrs Payne chinking her tiny bells and scrutinising most seriously the "music" written down.  Peering over Mrs Payne's shoulder to see matrix of numbers looking most complicated.

Sat down as was offered demonstration, and laboriously awaited start of piece as Mrs Payne gave great detail on complexity of piece and having practiced all morning, and really was making jolly good progress.  Demonstration soon over, at which begged Mrs Payne's pardon, but piece seemed rather short, as she had only played three notes.  Was piece really just "dong ding ding"?  This taken very badly, said of course it wasn't that short, that was as far as she had got thank you very much.

Made enquiries as to the notation for what to ring, and that quickly understood proceeded to take bells in hands myself and chink away for full 36 note tune on first attempt!  Mrs Payne awfully displeased with this, said I can't possibly be doing it right.  Delighted with my performance, asked Mrs Payne if she would like tea.  Replied in most annoyed tone that would I be so good as to stop bothered her as she needed to concentrate.

Waiting for kettle to boil heard same tune "dong ding ding", followed pause, and with some volume, "BOTHER IT!".

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