Monday, 13 February 2012

Day 91

Frightful headache this morning, almost certainly owing to Mrs Payne's new hobby.  Coming back from church on Sunday she explained over lunch that enquiries had been made as to anyone wanting to join bell ringing club.  Groaned as I heard this, as all too aware of group of silver haired spinsters clanging bells in most annoying fashion in town almost daily for some charitable cause or other.  Further, members most rampant in their cause and quite some nuisance.  Explained this to Mrs Payne, who quickly dismissed as "that's probably just you".  Most annoyed at this.

Once lunch was finished Mrs Payne excitedly retrieved a profoundly grand oak wooden box that she had been given by head bell ringer.  Went on to say it was all terribly exciting and Mrs Payne seemed most in demand by club, evidence being what was certainly extremely old and valuable bells.

Mrs Payne proceeded to open box and all three of us peered in to the beautiful satin lined box.  Doing so, found the tiniest bells we had ever seen, measuring what cannot be more than 3 inches heigh.  Passing the bells between us we each looked at them in silent astonishment, and passing them back to Mrs Payne, I asked,
"You're not joining the children's section are you?".

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