Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 92 - lunch

Going down for tea mid-morning found kitchen rather acrid, surprised to find Mrs Payne sitting in quite haze of smoke whilst reading bell music.  Asked had she not noticed air awfully thick, and received annoyed response that no she hadn't, and if it was, was solely caused by pancake mixture, terribly badly made and would not set in slightest.

Thought this most amusing, begged her pardon but considered earlier pancakes height of success, all the same, if she had given up for time being, would she be so good as to turn hob off, as frying pan seemed to be burning a jot.  This indignantly carried out, although at cost of accidentally turning gas on for another ring.  Quickly turning this off and fearfully angry said she was a hazard to the household.  This taken most badly, Mrs Payne promptly left kitchen in frightful state along with her bell music.  Shouted after her,

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