Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 92

Thought it would be nice this morning to make other half pancakes on account of Valentines day, so worked ever so efficiently to make pancakes whilst other half getting ready.  This unfortunately not altogether successful, mixture rather odd in consistency, and upon attempting first pancake realised was far too runny, unless pancake cocktail was to be served.

Setting aside first batch and altogether frantic at time taken, made second batch in alternate bowl, ultimately proving altogether too small and as quantity of batter slopped out onto slipper and floor.

Finally had small quantity of pancakes looking mostly edible and left them and little plate of warmed blueberries on table, as well as proudly standing Valentines envelope behind by way of explanation.  Quite pleased with this set about getting dressed myself, as well as cleaning slipper.

Came down some time later to find other half eating cereal and looking altogether displeased, soon explained by annoyed query as to what the mess was on the floor.  Explained I had done my best, and did she not like the pancakes?  This received by blank look and comment of what pancakes?  At this Mrs Payne commented ever so casually as to having pancakes this morning, were delicious.  Most annoyed at this asked had she not seen the card as indication as to being for her daughter, and response that no she hadn't.

Seeing sideboard realised frightful problem in that card had fallen face down into blueberries, now soaking their way through envelope, and most displeased that Mrs Payne had moved this item without a thought.  All the same other half said it was a jolly nice gesture, carefully opened envelope to reveal card rather sticky in texture, and motif principally of purple.  Most upset by this.  Mrs Payne, altogether dismissive of card, asked if there were any more pancakes.  Told her she could make he own as had kindly set aside extra mixture.  Suggested other half and I get ready to work and quickly left kitchen.

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