Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 93 - lunch

Mrs Payne adopted new strategy this morning that ringing bells awfully hard helped profoundly with learning process.  As such noise became most intolerable by mid-morning and had to take action.

Point was made over tea that bell ringing must be done quietly or not at all.  Defence made that she had to ring hard as was already paying dividends, now up to 6 notes correct.  Said not sure if it was paying dividends as such, as current rate of learning, 36 note piece would take 3 weeks.  Would receive better dividends investing whiskey in a tramp.

After fearful argument could not discourage Mrs Payne, and settled on only acceptable compromise.  As such Mrs Payne henceforth banished to practicing in shed.  Seemed awfully annoyed at this, and spying out of little bathroom window out to garden, saw Mrs Payne through shed window looking rather angry, appeared talking to herself in most annoyed manner, occasionally clinking bell by way of exclamation.

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