Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Day 93

Last night over dinner made point that was finding Mrs Payne's bell ringing awfully tiresome as house constantly filled with tiny chinking.  Said it was like Santa's sleigh bells.  Other half put case to Mrs Payne on amount of practice, saying perhaps it could be reduced, this due in part to me not being jolly enough to be Santa.  Mrs Payne thought this hilarious, said other half was right.  Profoundly annoyed by this.

Mrs Payne continues to practice vigorously in belief that she alone can save bell ringing club from mediocrity.  Pleased to say however that she has got over hurdle of first three notes, and now rings out five notes most confidently before getting left and right hands altogether muddled, most of the time resulting in both bells chinking at same time.

Excuse given for slow progress that really large bells would be much easier to learn.  Said this nonsense, and perhaps it would help if clapper was removed making bell silent altogether?  This dismissed as ridiculous, and comment that I thought it would help the tune enormously taken very badly.

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