Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 94 - lunch

Horseface around again this morning with wooden box, asking for "Shed, please", looking most focused.  On way to back door managed to ask on her involvement in bell ringing also, and excited to learn was only one place in bell ringing club, so was quite the competition in hand.

Coming down from office for mid-morning tea peered out into garden and opened back door to see some protestations from shed as to who's fault it was on getting piece wrong.  Most amused, took out tea and asked if Queen Payne was in residence.  Horseface replied quietly "not entirely".

Asked about progress and both awfully annoyed it seemed with progress.  Piece was apparently duet, so asked could I perhaps hear it played.  Followed rendition rather better than Mrs Payne's 6 note run, principally owing to some repetition the piece for her part.  Could see frustration, as piece punctuated in places:

"Tink ding dong dong BOTHER! tink dink tink ding dong dong BOTHER!"

Horseface's part far from confident, however piece shaken to very core by Mrs Payne.  Feeling rather optimistic following previous solo attempt earlier in week, asked if they would be so good as to let me try Mrs Payne's part.  This quickly refused by Mrs Payne.  Horseface anticipating rather better performance however lightly slipped bells from Mrs Payne's hands smiling sweetly as she did so, and told me to,
"Jolly well ring the blighters!".

Bound to say piece not altogether perfect, as was awfully difficult playing with partner, but made rather good fist of it I thought, and Horseface's part also improved.  Mrs Payne looked on in silent fury.  Music certainly did not tame beast and seeing this not altogether helping tension in Payne Castle, decided best to leave them to it, and walking back to house heard from shed,
"SEE!  Even Robert can do it!".
Shouted back with some annoyance, "I say!", with no reply.

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